What Is AllCoins?

AllCoins is a site that pays your chosen cryptocurrency and stores it on your account which can then be transferred straight to your Faucethub account.

How Do I Register?

To sign up and start earning click HERE!

How Does It Work?

You can set it up so that it pays you 24/7 by making sure you have accrued enough auto claims (steps at the bottom of the page). Each claim is worth 3 “auto claims” and you’ll be paid into your allcoins account every 4 minutes until you run out of auto claims.

What Do I Need To get Started?

To get started you have to have an active Faucethub account otherwise you won’t get paid. You can get a Faucethub account by clicking HERE, it only takes 2 minutes to register.

Important Info….

Make sure that your Faucethub account has all your up to date wallet addresses for the coins you wish to collect. Please use the same addresses that’s in your Faucethub for all Faucethub partner sites as this is how you are connected and paid.

How Do I Get Auto Claims?

Step 1 – On the main page there is a tab on the left with a few options to choose from. These include an hourly faucet roll, auto faucet collector and a crypto miner. You can do all 3 but for this guide click on “AutoFaucet”.

Step 2 – You will then be taken to the Auto Faucet page and you’ll see that you do not have any faucet claims available. click the yellow box that says “Get 3 more aut faucet claims”

Step 3 – This then brings you to a page to solve a captcha and then press “click here to continue”.

Step 4 – Solve the final captcha, wait the given seconds (normally 10) and then press “get link” or “continue”)

Step 5 – You will then be redirected back to your Auto faucet and you will see 3 auto claims have been added to your account. You can do this as many times as you want to build up your claims. To start the Auto faucet select the coin you wish to collect and then press “Launch”.

Here is a video showing exactly what to do: