How Do I Sign Up?

Click HERE to sign up to AWS Mining

What is AWS Mining and Why Mine With Them?

AWS Mining is a Cloud Mining Website which has been going for a few years now but only recently opened it’s doors for customers. You can start Mining From 0.1 Crypto Mining Power (CMP) which only costs $40. The reason that they set the hash rate as Crypto Mining Power (CMP) is because AWS Mines more than one coin at one time so this makes it easier on a whole for everyone to understand.

How Long Are The Contracts?

Unlike some other cloud mining sites there is no length on you contract. Your contract will end once you have earned 200% of your initial deposit. Full transparency from the first day, as soon as your deposit for your contract has been confirmed and completed your mining account starts and you’ll be credited the next again day.

Can I Earn For Free?

No, signing up and creating an account without investment is useless as you will not get rewarded and there is no free way to make money unless you deposit.

What is The Minimum Deposit?

The minimum amount to deposit is only $40 which is a good starting point compared to some of the other cloud mining companies. This is also good for those of you who are on a budget and want somewhere safe and legit to invest into and start mining.

What is The Minimum Withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal amount is only $30 which is unusual (but good) as most companies usually make this the same value as the deposit or in some cases it can be double of the deposit value.

How Can I Withdraw My Earnings?

When you reach $30, you can then choose to keep it in your balance for future investments or withdraw your earnings. AWS Mining uses their own wallet system and pays out instantly to your selected BTC wallet.

What Can I Earn On a Daily Basis?

The picture below explains how much you can earn with each contract starting from $40 – $10, 000. Even though it states $0.20 daily please bear in mind this might fluctuate $0.01 on either side due to mining difficulty and maintenance costs.

Where is AWS Mining Based?

AWS HQ’s is situated in Australia and they mine in three different locations all over the world. These include Russia, China and Paraguay.

Is there a Community For Support If I Need Help?

Yes, there is a Telegram Messenger Group where you can join and interact with other members. The admins of the group are always active and are happy to help guide you and answer any questions.