What Is Bitclub Network?

Bitclub Network started way back in 2014, so they have been going for a long time! They have their own mining pool on the blockchain, which means you have 100% transparency how much they mine every single day. This is the only mining company out there that has done this.

You can check the Bitclub Mining Pool and the percentage of BTC coming out from Bitclub Network each day by clicking Here.

Where Are They Located?

Like most legit mining companies they are located in Iceland. This is because the energy cost is far cheaper than anywhere else and the climate is nice and cool which keeps the temperature down on the miners. Here’s a quick video showing a glimpse of one of the mining farms.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

To get started with Bitclub Network you have to pay a one off $99 membership fee. Once you are a member you can then purchase your share. You have 4 options with bitcoin mining. There are four different pools and each pool offers different payouts. A share in Pool 1 costs $500 and it is the most affordable and best one to get started on. Each share mines for 1000 days, that’s right….1000 whole days. It takes 30 days to set up your mining equipment and attach it to their mining pool. The 30 days set up is not taken from your 1000 days contract. Once you start earning you can then reinvest and work up to buying more shares or partial shares (this will be explained further on). Here is a picture to show the different Pools and what they offer.

How Do I Reinvest/Re-purchase?

You can set the re-purchase amount at any percentage you want but you also have a minimum amount to be able to purchase another share/partial share. Why you ask? This is basically because they want to keep you mining with them, which would be silly of you not to in the first place.

This is great as you don’t need to buy a full share to start a new contract and each partial share or new contract lasts for 1000 days.

Every time you have accrued 5% of the initial investment you will receive a new share in the pool and start a new 1000 day contract. This is done automatically and you don’t have to worry about doing anything.

Here’s a picture of our account from Pool 1:

In the picture above you can see that we have set the re-purchase limit to 100% which means all our BTC mined for that day will be paid into the re-purchase “unused” balance, you can change this at any time you want. Once the Re-purchase amount reaches 5% of the pool cost ($500) you will get a new partial share and this will also come with a 1000 day contract.

The re-purchase option is really good and it means your bitcoin mining will never finish unless you choose to never repurchase (we don’t recommend that).

You don’t have to choose 100% re-purchase but setting it at 100% means you’ll be able to compound your profits and shares much quicker.

Why Sign Up?

– 100% transparency about their earnings. (own mining pool)

– High-efficiency facilities in Iceland and they have their own developments.

– You will receive passive Bitcoin every day for 1000 days which starts after your 30 days set up is complete.

– You’re in control of the amount you want to reinvest into each pool. Just remember each pool has a different payout daily.

– Very good referral program

How Do I Sign Up?

You can Sign up and start earning by clicking HERE!