What is CryptoTab?

Cryptotab is an extension on a new web browser called Crypto Browser, the extension passively mines BTC in the background with your unused computing power from you CPU. The company mines monero (XMR) as this is easier and cheaper to mine. Then they convert what is mined into Bitcoin and pay you straight into your wallet.

How Do I Sign Up?

To Install CryptoTab click HERE!

Any Other Ways I Can Earn?

There are other ways to earn through CryptoTab other than just using your CPU. You can take advantage of the TEN level referral network that CryptoTab offers and you can build yourself a small team or a large empire (it’s entirely up to you). With just your one PC mining you can make around $4 a month, but building up your network can improve your earnings going forward. We’ll look at the ten level referral system in a bit more detail to see what you could potentially make when you refer 10 friends and everyone else refers 5 friends (just as an example).

For this purpose we said $4

Rewards for Each Tier of Referral’s:

Tier 0 – 100% PC: 1 Pool/You: $4 / 4

Tier 1 – 15% PC’s: 10 Pool/You: $40 / 6

Tier 2 – 10% PC’s: 50 Pool/You: $200 / 20

Tier 3 – 5% PC’s: 250 Pool/You: $1,000 /50

Tier 4 – 3% PC’s: 1250 Pool/You: $5,000 / 150

Tier 5 – 2% PC’s: 6250 Pool/You: $25,000 / 500

Tier 6 – 1% PC’s: 31250 Pool/You: $125,000 / 1,250

Tier 7 – 0.5% PC’s: 156250 Pool/You: $625,000 / 3,125

Tier 8 – 0.25% PC’s: 781250 Pool/You: $3,125,000 / 7,813

Tier 9 – 0.125% PC’s: 3,906,250 Pool/You: $15,625,000 / 19,531

Tier 10 – 0.0625% PC’s: 19,531,250

Pool/You: $78,125,000 / 48,828

Your Monthly Income: $81,273 or 8.86 BTC

Is This Legit and Paying Out?

Yes, they are paying out (24hrs or less) and this is a LEGIT company, so why not give it a try and leave your PC running (we recommend between 30% – 50% for a normal Home Desktop) to mine bitcoin and start earning for yourself.

How Many PC’s Can I Run The Extension On?

You can have multiple PC’s mining on the same IP address under the same account, currently we have 10 computers running at 50% speed so this doesn’t burn out the PCU and they run at a decent temperature.

How Is My Balance Updated?

Your balance is updated every 10 minutes as you mine and also receive referral commission.

How Do I Control What Speed I Mine At?

You can change the mining speed on CryptoTab by selecting and dragging the bar (bottom left) to suit your PC’s speed and capabilities. On the right it shows your speed (H/s) that you are currently mining. We run about 50% on 10 different PC’s as this lowers the chance of the PC’s processor burning out so please keep that in mind. Only run it at 100% for a short time and at your own risk