How Do I Sign Up?

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What Is Crypto Mining Game?

Crypto Mining Game is a new kind of way to earn cryptocurrency. You claim from missions (faucets) which will pay in a variety of different cryptocurrencies. You have the choice of Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

How Can I Earn?

1. Mining – There are two types of mining. The first one is almost like virtual mining, this doesn’t use your CPU power. The higher you level up the longer you can virtual mine for. The second form of mining is mine for real (it uses your CPU power). This allows you to mine all coins and also your hash power all at the same time.

2. Missions – There are 18 levels of missions available to upgrade to. Think of a mission as a faucet. When you level up you will be rewarded some satoshi, crystals and hash power. Each mission has a time allocated to it, the higher the mission the longer it takes to claim BUT the rewards are much bigger.

3. Bonus – Every day you get a daily loyalty bonus and this is multiplied by each day so as you get towards the end of the month and have claimed every day you are rewarded very nicely.

4. Exchange – This is where you can exchange cryptocurrencies from one coin to another. Very handy if you want only one coin.

5. Crystals – Crystals are used to virtual mine. Each time you click on the “mine” button, you will pay a certain amount of Crystals depends on your level. You can earn crystals from claiming from the daily bonus.