What is Crypto Trade Bot?

This Telegram Bot started in February 2019. The owner of the Bot is very open and appears regularly on the Official Support Group (click HERE). To generate revenue, he trades on a daily basis with over 200 LTC at his disposal.

Is This Bot Legit?

We have spoken to the owner on many different occasions and believe that there are only a few legit bots out there. The Crypto Trade Bot is definitely one of them.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up please click HERE!

What Does This Bot Offer?

Here’s what you get when you sign up and deposit:

– 1.5% daily interest

– 90 days for each contract

– 24/7 Group support (join HERE)

What Are The Minimum Investment/Withdrawal Limits?

The minimum deposit/withdrawal is only 0.1 LTC. Please note, reinvests are also only 0.1 LTC which allows you to really build up your investment on this bot.

What Are The Magic Numbers?

The picture below shows the magic numbers (daily reinvests)