What is Diversity Fund Club?

Diversity Fund Club is a revenue-share based profit maximiser and advertising club renting high quality Profit Packages (PP) from the internet-based money earning sector. With each pack purchased, the investor is entitled to receive a share of the daily trading and investment profit. Currently DFC has over 15 active investments, this includes mining, sport betting, crypto trading and diversified portfolio.

Is DFC a Ponzi/HYIP or Scam?

We have done some research and found that DFC are very honest, reliable and sustainable when it comes to investing. They rent out “Profit Packages” and give up to 125% cashback on your purchase. They equally share the revenue from their entire network with people renting Profit Packs on Diversity Fund Club. A Ponzi scheme is merely a system that pays members from income generated from new members. They build multiple assets that generate external revenue and use this to pay their members, which can be found under “portfolio” on their site.

Is it Free to Join? 

There are no hidden fees or yearly memberships once Profit Packs have been purchased.

 How Much Does a Profit Pack Cost?

 Each pack costs $25.

What is the Daily Interest for each Profit Pack?

Due to the nature of the way and how they invest the daily interest fluctuates so it is impossible to give an exact figure as this changes everyday. However, based on Their calculations the daily percentage will be around 0.8-1.1% and so the weekly profit will be 5-8%. Still better than any bank right?

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

Withdrawals can be made only once every 24 hours. A withdrawal can be requested when the balance reaches $10 which is then manually processed within 10-24 hours.

How Do I Register?

Click the link below to sign up and get started on Diversity Fund Club.