What Is EoBot?

Eobot is one of the oldest running cloud mining providers on the internet, it has been running since 2013. They offer cryptocurrency mining in SHA256 and Scrypt algorithms that runs on their Antminer S series miner rigs. They have over 600k users and everyone can enjoy the benefits cloud mining the digital currencies without the worry about the electricity costs, buying of the hardware and general upkeep of the equipment. Eobot was one of the earliest on the market to provide cloud mining services. They offer rental contracts from short periods (24 hours) to long periods (10 years). Eobot is trying to remain up to date with new trends, they are adding new features from time to time and upgrading the equipment regularly.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up click HERE!

Can You Mine For Free?

Yes, you can. We recommend mining your GH/s for a few weeks by selecting GHS 5.0 from the drop down menu. Another way to collect coins or increase your GHs is to collect from the daily faucet. When your hash rate is high enough you can then start to mine the coin of your choice by selecting the drop down list on the top left hand side.


The video below is from our account mining Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin. You can start mining for free but this obviously takes a lot longer than buying hash power however it is possible to build up your hash power for free. Remember to collect from the daily faucet and mine your SHA – 256 GH/s for 2-4 weeks to build this is up quicker.