What is Free-Monero?

Free-Monero is a well designed faucet site that lets you earn XMR by solving the captcha in the form of solve media or REcaptcha. You can claim from this every 60 minutes.

Is It Free To Sign Up?

Yes, Free-Monero is absolutely free and you can sign up by clicking HERE!

What Can I Win?

The amount of XMR that you can win from each hourly roll depends on the current market price, but the biggest prize is fixed at $250. So, when the price of XMR goes down, the reward amount calculated in XMR goes up and the other way round works like this too. Regardless of the current bitcoin price, you have a fair chance of winning $250 in XMR on each roll.

How Do I Get Paid?

Free-Monero pays you instantly once you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit. The minimum limits are reasonable and the fees change daily so keep an eye on that when it comes to withdrawing. Payouts are almost instant and are you are able to withdraw anytime you like (if you reach the minimum).

Are There Other Ways To Earn?

There are other ways you can earn on this site alongside the hourly faucet. These include referral system, multiply, lottery and daily interest (on holdings over a set amount). Check out more ways to earn different crypto coins from the same company by clicking through to these links: Free-Dogecoin, Free-Litecoin, Free-Ethereum and Free-Bcash