The Crypto Investment Team

Making Your Crypto Work

The Crypto Investment Team was formed at the start of 2018. We have helped hundreds of individuals like yourself get started and earning in the crypto world. We are experienced in a wide range of crypto areas, these include:

– Mining

– Trading 

– PTC Platforms

– Investment Platforms

– Passive Applications

– Faucet Sites 

What do we offer? 

Join us on Telegram Messenger and come say hello!! If you have any questions, E-Mail and Telegram Messenger are the best ways to get in touch with us. Looking forward to seeing you in our group chat.

Please have a look through all the content and the different ways you can earn, it’s there to help you! If you’re in need of any help for any of the sites listed please don’t hesitate to contact us. The best place to find us is on our Telegram Group Chat!

Helping Us Profit!

Ryan, Ben and Kenn are all great guys that genuinely want everyone to profit. They go the extra mile to help you open an account and profit, even if they are not your upline. great communication from all and genuinely want everyone to make bank in the crypto space. 


Quinn Wiley

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