What Is Minergate?

Minergate is an open mining pool where people use their computers to add hashing power to that of thousands of other miners. The user interface is easily downloaded from the site and allows people to quickly start mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and a whole selection of other altcoins. It helps to break down the usual complexities found in mining. Minergate allows anyone to download the app (PC & mobile) and run it straight from there with just one click. Large, powerful units can, of course, add more power, but smaller, amateur miners can use a normal PC or laptop. You can even run a smartphone app if you wish to do so. It sounds great, but realistically, the lesser your device, the less you can earn. A phone is nearly pointless in terms of hashing power. The average PC will mine a little bit more than a mobile, but returns will still be limited. Of course, this all depends on the coin you mine as well.

Is Minergate Legit?

Yes, they are a little bit secretive with who they are but every transaction you mine/withdraw goes through.

Is It Free To Sign Up?

Yes, Minergate is free to sign up, download the app and start mining. There is a Cloud Mining service for BTC and XMR (Monero) which is what we use and it is paying out nicely. we are reinvesting it all back in to increase our hash power.

How Many Devices Can I Mine With?

You can mine with as many devices as you want. This is a good way to increase your hash rate, you just have to make sure that you sign in using your personal credentials.

What Coins Are Available To Mine?

There are a quite a few different coins for you to choose from. These include Bitcoin (Cloud mining only), Monero, Litecoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, ByteCoin, FantomCoin, DigitalNote and Aeon Coin.

Is There an App I Can Download?

Yes, there is an app available but this is only available on Android operating system (sorry iPhone users).

How Does Minergate Pay You?

When you request a withdraw you will get paid into a wallet called FreeWallet (normally straight away). This wallet supports many different coins and also has an in-built exchange so you can change any of the coins you hold to something else.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up to Minergate by clicking HERE!