What Is Mines.Club?

To understand how this works, there are 4 different sites from the same company where you earn Satoshi and get paid straight into your FaucetHub account. These sites are a unique and very different type of crypto faucet site.

How Do You Start?

Before you start collecting Satoshi, your miner(s) needs to have apples/energy in storage to start mining. To collect apples/energy you have a few different options, these are:

– By Faucet – where you earn 2 apples by doing/typing ‘captchas’

– By Auto-faucet – where you just leave a tab open and automatically it will collect apples/energy for you and will refresh by itself (for as long as the tab is open)

– Offer Wall – this is where you can do different tasks or surveys to earn apples /energy

How Do You Earn Satoshi?

After Collecting enough apples/energy to start mining (min 1 and max 40 – for one mining session) follow these steps:

– Click on the faded out apple/energy below your mine

– Type in how many apples/energy you want to use (Max 40)

– Solve the captcha and press ok to continue

– You will start to mine and earn Satoshi (your balance will start increasing)

What Are The Sites?

Like we pointed out earlier, there are 4 different sites all from the same company and all work exactly the same. To maximise your profits we suggest you use all four.





What’s The Best Strategy?

From experience we have built up a strategy where we mine and collect apples/energy at the same time. Here’s what to do:

– Have 2 tabs open for each site

– One tab is mining (using apples/energy)

– The other tab is collecting apples/energy (auto-faucet)

– If you are using a device that can split screen (iPad) then this is another option to be able to run both at the same time

What Are The Pro’s & Con’s?


– Minimum payout only 1000 Satoshi (daily max)

– No limit for earning apples/energy

– Able to buy more mines with satoshi

– Referral system


– Auto-faucet tab and mining tabs has to be kept open to earn

– Max 40 apples/energy in one mining session (sessions can be repeated an unlimited amount of times as long as you have available apples/energy in your storage)