What is CryptoTab?

Cryptotab is a new web browser called Cryptotab Browser, the extension passively mines BTC in the background with your unused computing power from your CPU. The company mines monero (XMR) as this is easier and cheaper to mine. Then they convert what is mined into Bitcoin and pay you straight into your wallet.

They have recently introduced a new cloud mining service where you can earn up to 10x the speed of your original device. There are different ways to pay and we found this to be quite profitable. The only problem is you have to restart the cloud mining service every 3 hours when it runs out.

Any Other Ways I Can Earn?

There are other ways to earn through CryptoTab other than just using your CPU. You can take advantage of the TEN level referral network that CryptoTab offers and you can build yourself a small team or a large empire.

Is it Free to Join? 

Yes, unless you purchase the cloud mining service.

 How Much Does a Profit Pack Cost?

Each pack costs $25.

Is This Legit and What’s The Minimum Withdrawal?

Yes, this company is legit, they have a very low minimum withdrawal limit (0.00003) which is usually paid out within 24 hours.

How Do I Sign Up?

To Install CryptoTab click HERE!