What is Randomsatoshi?

Randomsatoshi is a unique autofaucet where you can level up your faucet for increased rewards. To be able to start getting paid you first need to build up something called “bits”. These bits are then used to purchase claims which allows you to passively earn the selected cryptocurrency.

What Features Does This Site Have?

There are many different features, here’s a small list:

  • 14 different cryptocurrencies – One Faucet
  • Highest Payout Rates
  • Upgrading System – Upgrade Each Cryptocurrency
  • Queue Claims to Let It Run Passively
  • 15% Referral Commission
  • 1000 BITS Signup Bonus
  • Daily Bonus – Up To 7 Days Streak

How Do I Earn BITS?

You can earn BITS by doing quite a few different tasks, this includes clicking on short links, offerwalls and watching videos.

Where Do I Get Paid To?

You can get paid to Coinbase or Faucetpay

How Do I Sign Up? 

Click HERE to register!

Happy Earning