What Is SatoshiLabs?

SatoshiLabs follows the same system as Cointiply used to use for their mining game. If you are not familiar with the system, basically you have to earn Satoshi to buy/upgrade buildings which gives you production power which increases the amount of Satoshi you earn every hour. You also earn from the mining pool which gives you a percentage bonus based on your production power and this is also paid hourly to help boost your earnings.

Credits are also very important as this is the main thing that helps you continue to run your buidlings/production. We will explain why below.

To keep your production running at 100% you need to have “energy”. This uses 4 credits every hour, so to keep your production running at 100% for 24 hours all you need is 96 credits. There are many ways to earn credits (See next question). We also RECOMMEND┬áthat you enable the “auto-refill energy” button so this keeps your production running at 100% and eventually this should become passive earning.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up click HERE!

How Can I earn Credits?

As we discussed earlier, credits are what keeps your production running at full capacity. Here’s a list of the ways you can earn credits:

– Faucet collection (every 5 minutes)

– Watching videos

– Surveys

– Short links

– PTC (paid to click)

Can I Exchange Credits/Satoshi?

Yes you can, this is hidden under the “Offerwalls” tab on the right hand side where you can exchange your credits for Satoshi and vice versa. This is a nice way to earn extra Satoshi and buy more buildings.

What Are The Best Buildings To Purchase?

As you would expect the highest priced one is the best one but surprisingly that’s not always the case. Here’s the top two:

1. Security

2. Generator