What is Tardus Bot?

This Telegram Bot started in late January 2019. The owner of the Bot is Chris Hubbard, formally known for his role as an admin in the iCenter Support Group. After they scammed and ran away with all our money (including Chris’s) he decided to sit down and work out how to help people earn and this is how The Tardus Bot was born!

Is This Bot Legit?

We have spoken to Chris on many different occasions and believe that there are only a few legit bots out there. The Tardus Bot is 100% LEGIT

Payment Proof?

Click the link below to join our payment proof channel:


How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up please click HERE!

What Does This Bot Offer?

Here’s what you get when you sign up and deposit:

– 1.15% daily interest

– 99 days for each contract

– Group support (https://t.me/Tardus_Official_Support)

Which Coins Can I deposit And What Are The Minimum Investment/Withdrawal Limits?

The picture below shows a clear guide to which coins are available and the minimum deposit/withdrawal limits. Please note, reinvests are the same as deposits.

What Are The Magic Numbers?

The picture below shows the magic numbers (daily reinvests) for all the available coins.