What is True Crypto Miner?

True Crypto Miner is different to ALL of the other cloud mining sites out there. For a starter we personally know the owner of this amazing company and video call on a regular basis. We are really excited about this new opportunity that Shaun over at True Crypto Miner has given us. To get you started and understand how this company work you first have to register an account and then ‘Donate’ 0.01 BTC.

This company only has a few goals. This is to double your initial ‘Donation’, stop people getting scammed and to make us all rich. We are excited and glad to be part of this new and legit company. They are adding new equipment all the time to increase speeds and keep up to date with the most profitable mining pools. Ideally Coinbase would be be the preferred method of payout as this cuts down on transaction costs and increases sustainability. There are different levels (pictured below) of ‘Donations’ from Level 1-6 but you can’t just jump straight into level 6, you will have to unlock each level first so this means everyone will have to start at level 1 with a 0.01 BTC donation. The picture below shows levels 1-3 and explains clearly in each level how much the initial donation will cost, the length of the contract, the reward per month and the total reward. So if you start on level 1 and donate 0.01 BTC after your 6 months contract is up you would have received you initial 0.01 BTC plus an other 0.01. After this you can choose to either keep your earnings, donate again into level 1 or move onto level 2 to increase your earnings even more. The choice is entirely up to you. Here’s a video from the owner of True Crypto Miner, he is also in our Telegram Messenger Group chat if you want to speak to him in person.

Is This legit?

Yes, this is probably the most legit company you will ever find.

Where Is This based?

The HQ and mining farms are based in America.

What is the minimum amount of BTC to donate?

You start on Level 1 and the min donation is 0.01 BTC.

How long are the contracts?

There are different lengths of contracts for each level and these range from 6 months – 12 months.

When do I get paid?

Payouts are usually done around 15th of the month.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up by clicking HERE!

Are you on Facebook or Telegram Messenger?

Yes, please join our Facebook group HERE and our Telegram Messenger group HERE