What Will I Be Purchasing?

You are purchasing a PRODUCT (a contract) called a WealthBlock where the method payment is in Bitcoin. That product (contract) aims to deliver a net outcome at the end of 365 days of multiplying the amount of BTC you paid by up to 170%.

What Is My Investment Used For?

50% of the revenue goes to their trading partner (Eyeline Holdings) to be used to generate daily earnings from cryptocurrency related activities like trading. You earn UP TO 0.66% a day on the 50% component paid in Bitcoin that goes to the trading company 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In essence you earn up to 0.33% per day on the total BTC value you paid for the WealthBlock.

Do I Receive My Initial Investment Back?

Yes, WealthBoss returns 50% of your initial deposit used by Eyeline Holdings after 365 days. For example, if you buy one WealthBlock (contract) for $40 and you don’t compound or build on your investment, after 365 days you would have a net result of $68.18. This means you have received up to 170% of the initial price of the WealthBlock, assuming the price for BTC hasn’t changed from the day you purchased the WealthBlock.

What Happens if BTC Market Price Rises?

If Bitcoin goes UP in value your net dollar value gain is much higher because you are receiving daily earnings paid in BTC and getting back 50% of the amount of Bitcoin you paid for the WealthBlock after your contract has finished. So, if Bitcoin doubled in price over a year your NET gain is 340% in dollar terms. There is no losing here!

How Do I Start Earning?

You can create an account and purchase a WealthBlock by clicking on the link below:

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Please note, it takes seven days to set up your back office and account then after the seven days your account will earn 24/7, 365 days a year.

Do You Have Payment Proof?

Yes, join our channel on Telegram Messenger – Payment Proof Channel

Is There a Group Chat on Telegram?

Yes, join the group chat HERE!